All About Ear Styling

All About Ear Styling

Looking to elevate your ear jewelry? Curated ear styling is the best way to bring new life to your cartilage piercings! 

What is ear styling? 

Ear styling allows you to showcase your personal style by decorating your ears with complimentary lobe and cartilage piercings.  The idea is to strategically stack hoops, labrets, studs, and minimal earrings to achieve a balanced and cohesive look without the ear looking too crowded. 

Ear Styling 101:

Step 1: Choose your metal

Which jewelry do you gravitate towards? Silver, gold, or rose gold?  Keeping your jewelry to one colour creates a seamless and well blended look.  But you can always experiment with mixing metals too! Get creative! 

Step 2: Find your style

It's helpful to decide on a particular style to guide your ear styling.  Some examples include: minimal, glam, and bohemian to name a few.  Have a look online for some inspiration photos and save your favourites. 

Step 3: Map your piercing placement 

The key to a beautifully curated ear is careful planning and placement.  Snap a photo of your ear to get a sense of your unique anatomy and to use as your template.

Here's a list of piercing suggestions to try out on your ear map:

  1. Daith
  2. Conch
  3. Rook
  4. Forward Helix
  5. Tragus
  6. Helix
  7. Industrial
  8. Lobes

Step 4: Know your sizing

Believe it or not, not all ear piercings are the same size.  Most lobe piercings are 20ga and most helix piercings are 16ga.  Keep the gauge size in mind when deciding on the right jewelry for you.  Check out our helix sizing blog post for more info.

Step 5: Get styling!

This is where the magic happens!  Let's start at the lobes.  Lobes have the most real estate so put your largest hoops or studs here and use smaller jewelry as you build up the rest of the ear for a seamless cascade effect.  To bring the look together considering pairing diamond styles with some plain styles.  This creates harmony between the styles and balances everything out without feeling overwhelmed by one particular style.  

Have a look at some of the examples below and shop these styles on our website!