All About Piercing Materials

All About Piercing Materials

It’s very important to know what materials work best for your piercing. Using the wrong material can lead to irritation, trouble healing and even infections. Hopefully the following will provide you with a little bit more information and help you pick the right material for you.

What to consider when choosing a material? 

  • Do you have any sensitivities?
  • Is your piercing fully healed?
  • Do you have any problems with your piercing?
  • Are you looking to wear the piercing long term?

What materials do we carry?

316L Surgical Steel:

We carry a variety of materials, but our most common and one of the most widely known is Surgical Steel. We carry 316L Surgical Steel which is usually the grade that you would originally be pierced with. 

  • Contains very little nickel making it easily worn by everyone, even those with sensitive skin
  • Will not rust or tarnish
  • Durable
  • Not easily bent

Implant Grade 23 Titanium:

While it’s very uncommon that someone will be allergic to surgical steel, that can sometimes happen. For our customers with the most sensitivities we recommend our Implant Grade Titanium. Our titanium is Grade 23 which is the highest grade of titanium.

  • Lightweight (nearly 50% lighter than Surgical Steel)
  • Contains no nickel
  • Impervious to scratching 
  • Very durable which makes it great for healing piercings 

Titanium jewelry is often a little more expensive than surgical steel it’s the highest quality metal you can use for your piercing

925 Sterling Silver:

.925 Sterling Silver is a customer favourite. It has a bright shine distinguishing itself next to surgical steel and titanium which tend to have more of a dull gunmetal colouring. 

  • Very lightweight 
  • Very pliable - easily bends
  • Bright colouring
  • For healed piercings only - we don’t recommend wearing sterling silver if you have sensitivities to nickel or copper 
  • Can dull over time -  just clean with sterling silver polish, a polishing cloth or even toothpaste and warm water to return to it’s original shine

10KT & 14KT Gold

Gold is another customer favourite. We carry both 10KT Gold and 14KT Gold in white and yellow gold. The higher the grade of gold, the softer it gets which is why higher grades of gold are not recommended for body piercings.

  • Soft material - only recommended for healed piercings
  • Bright colour doesn’t fade like plated jewelry
  • Lightweight 
  • Can dull down over time from being worn in the body, needs to be lightly buffed back to its original shine


Acrylic jewelry is commonly used in plugs and tunnels. Acrylic is another plastic that is safe to be worn in your piercings.

  • Lightweight
  • Contains no alloys
  • Only recommended for healed piercings
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Not recommended for long term wear


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