Implant Grade Titanium Threadless Push In Tragus/Cartilage Bezel Aurora Borealis CZ With Flat Back



This Threadless Implant Grade Titanium Labret is perfect for any piercing. It has a Threadless White Cubic Zirconia available in 5 sizes (1.2mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm). It also comes in a variety of bar lengths. These are easy to put in and secure so it doesn't fall out. 

Price Per Piece
Material: Ti-6AL4V-ELi ASTM F-136(Grade 23) *IMPLANT GRADE* titanium

Flat Back

Threadless CZ Gem

Gauges available: 
20ga (0.8mm) (very thin.. common for nose piercings or regular ear lobe piercings)
18ga(1mm) (slightly thicker than 20ga)
16ga(1.2mm) (common size for cartilage/tragus piercings used in tattoo/piercing shops)

Lengths Available: 
1/4"(6mm) (Short)
5/16"(8mm) (Medium)
3/8"(10mm) (Long)

Gem Size Available:
1.5mm (Very tiny)

2mm (Average)

2.5mm (Slightly larger than average)

3mm (Larger than average)

4mm (Large)

Gem: Aurora Borealis

Additional Information
Gauge/Bar Length

20ga/6mm, 20ga/8mm, 20ga/10mm, 18ga/6mm, 18ga/8mm, 18ga/10mm, 16ga/6mm, 16ga/8mm, 16ga/10mm

Gem Size

1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm


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