Gold PVD High Polished Surgical Steel High Polished Easy Bend Nose, Cartilage Hoop Ring

$8.95 – $11.95


Price Per Piece

Material: 316L Surgical Steel

Plating: Gold PVD

Where you can use them: Anywhere it fits (Cartilage, nose , etc)

How to Bend : Easy to bend sideways with your hand and bend back when it's in your nose. 

Gauges Available: 22ga , 20ga , 18ga

22ga - Thinnest possible gauge. As thin as a regular earring

20ga - Most common for nose. Usually the thickness you get pierced with at a piercing studio

18ga - Thickest

Lengths Available: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm

7mm - Smallest Possible diameter. Popular if your piercing is closest to the edge of your nose

8mm - Most popular diameter for nose (medium length)

9mm - Slightly bigger than the 8mm but still very popular

10mm - Biggest diameter for the nose. Good for people that have a higher nose piercing. 



Additional Information

22ga(0.6mm), 20ga(0.8mm), 18ga(1mm)

Inner Bar Length

7mm, 5/16"(8mm), 9mm, 3/8"(10mm)


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