All About Nose Piercings

All about nose

Thinking of getting your nose pierced? Here is everything you need to know about nose piercings


Nose piercings are probably one of the most popular piercings to get. Although there are many different placements on the nose that you can get pierced, the nostril is the most common one. It's placed either on the left or the right side...or both!

Does is hurt? 

Let's face it all piercings hurt to some degree regardless of where you're getting pierced.  Any puncture to the cartilage hurts to some extent. Keep in mind depending on your tolerance, everyone is different. So the short answer is yes it could hurt. 


What gauge should I choose for my nose piercing? 

The most commonly worn gauge is 20ga (pictured below). However, 18ga and 22ga are not uncommon to see. It really depends on the gauge you were pierced with and whether you have changed your jewelry to something thinner since then.

(Gauge refers to the thickness of the bar) 


What material should I choose for my nose piercing? 

You will typically be pierced with 316L Surgical Steel, however, we're seeing more & more piercing shops using Grade 23 Titanium as it is a higher grade metal and it's great for all levels of sensitivity. We also carry a variety of other materials catered to your personal preference including Sterling Silver & 14KT Gold

(see our blog post "All About Piercing Materials" )





What can I wear in my nose piercing?

You can wear either a stud or hoop...or both if you have multiple nose piercings! 


Nose hoops come in many different styles and sizes. Picking the right diameter for your nose hoop is important to consider. You'll want to make sure it fits comfortably and sits how you would like.  The diameter that is best for you will depend on the placement of your nose piercing. Here is a list of the available diameters: 

  • 7mm (small) 

  • 8mm (medium) 

  • 9mm (also a medium style)

  • 10mm (large)

Now keep in mind, just because you want a snug fit doesn't necessarily mean that a 7mm (small) size will fit you. You really have to pay attention to the placement of your nose stud. Depending on how much space you have between where you are pierced and the edge of your nose is a good way to decide what size hoop will fit your nose.   

Nose hoops come in many different styles, one for every look! Below are some of our popular styles: 

Half Open Ended (with stopper) 



Seamless (no ball) 


Easy bend (with ball) 


Hinged Nose Hoop Segment Clicker 



Nose hoops also stay in well, you rarely have to worry about them falling out. 


If you have ever had a nose piercing then you know having it fall out can be an issue at times. Don't panic! That's why nose studs have particular backings to prevent your stud from falling out and making sure it stays in place.

Picking a backing that stays in best for you is very important. Everyone is different, so you may need to try a few to see which one ends up being your holy grail!

Here are the many backings you can chose from:

Ball End

As the name suggests, ball end studs have a small ball on the end of the stud. The ball is thicker than the post and it does not screw off or anything, its stuck to the post. This stops the stud from falling out. 


L-shape studs are pretty much what they sound like. The backing of these nose studs are bent into the shape of an L to prevent the stud from falling out. 



Corkscrew nose studs are in a shape of a spiral. Hence the name of this type of backing. These may look intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of putting them in, they become fairly easy to use and are one of the most secure and long lasting nose studs. 


Threadless Push In

These nose studs are a personal favorite. They are comfortable to wear since the back is flat and stay in great. Keep in mind the top of the stud comes off and you'll have to feed the bar through the inside of the nose and once it is through you  simply push in the stud from the top (see photo below for reference).