Captive Bead Rings vs Hinged Hoops

Captive Bead Rings vs Hinged Hoops
Captive bead rings and hinged hoops look very similar but have their differences.  Keep reading to learn more about what makes each special!
Captive Bead Ring (CBR)
Hinged Hoop 

Comparing CBRs and Hinged Hoops

A captive bead ring (CBR) is a hoop piercing with a removable ball whereas a hinged hoop is a hoop piercing with a fixed hinge that opens and closes securely.  CBRs are definitely tried and true but hinged hoops are a style that have emerged as a new favourite for their secure click closure and variety of styles.  Unlike CBRs, there is no fiddling with the ball or a risk of the ball falling out with hinged hoops.  The hinge mechanism ensures that once it is clicked into the closed position it will not fall out easily.  But, you don't have to sacrifice the ball if you like that style.  Hinged hoops also come in a ball style so you can get the look of a CBR without the hassle.  Hinge hoop with ball


The beauty of body jewelry is that the options are endless so find the style and fit that best suits you and rock your personal style!