Why Titanium is the Best Material for Piercings

Why Titanium is the Best Material for Piercings

What Grade of Titanium Do You Carry?

We carry Implant Grade 23 Titanium (Ti-6AL4V-ELi ASTM F-136).

What Makes Titanium Different from Other Materials? 

Titanium is nickel free and hypoallergenic, which means that it will not irritate your piercing. This makes it suitable for everyone, even those with sensitivities to other metals. It is great option for healing piercings!

Titanium is super lightweight, making is comfortable for every day wear! At the same time, it is a very durable material, making it long lasting. It can be plated and molded easily which means there are a number of colours and styles available. 

What Piercings Do You Carry in Titanium? 

We carry Titanium options for all your piercing needs. Here is a breakdown of some of our most popular styles for each piercing: 


Helix & Tragus

Our most popular item for the helix and tragus would be our threadless labrets (pictured below). They come with two pieces, a top (gem, ball, opal etc.) and a post. The post goes through the back of the piercing and once it is through the hole, the top is then pushed into the post. There a multitude of styles, gauges, and lengths available. All of the top pieces are compatible with all posts, regardless of the size! 




If you prefer hoops, we also carry a number of Titanium styles ranging from more plain styles to ones with lots of diamonds. Our hoops come in different gauges and diameters so just be sure to know the sizes you need for your piercings to be sure that you choose the right one! 



 Septum Rings

We offer a wide variety of unique titanium septum rings! 


 Belly Rings

We also carry titanium belly rings in a number of different styles, you can find one for any look!



Nipple Rings

Check out our Titanium Nipple Piercings!