Nose Ring FAQ

Q: What is a Threadless Nose Stud?


A: Threadless nose studs are a comfortable long lasting nose stud that come with a flat backing and designed top. The top has a pin attached to it that we pre-bend for you and then it can simply be inserted into the bar. When putting it in your nose, the backing goes in first through the inside of your nose and once it is through you can insert the gem from the front.


Threadless nose studs come in both 18ga (1.0mm) and 20ga (0.8mm) depending on the thickness that you need. 


Threadless nose studs come in 3 lengths: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. 8mm would be considered the standard length but if you have a thicker nose you may want to go with a 10mm post. 

Gem size

The most common gem size for a nose stud is 2mm which is considered dainty but it all depends on personal preference. We have styles that range in size depending on the look you are going for. The tops are all interchangeable which makes changing your nose stud super easy!